Of course we have trophies and prizes:
- 4 trophies and prizes for the top-4 players
- 1 trophy and prize for the best junior (<18)
- 4 trophies and prizes for the top-4 beginners

Among the prizes are:
- 2 Digital game Timers from DGT Projects
- 2 Othello Travel boards
- 2 Othello Boards

If we have AT LEAST 8 NEW players then we'll also have
2 prizes for the best 2 NEW players! A NEW player cannot
win both a top-4-beginners prize AND a NEW-player-prize.

Since it's the last tourney in the Dutch GrandPrix 2002:
- 1 big exchange-trophy for the #1
- 3 trophies for the top-3

For the World Othello Championship held november 6-9 in
Amsterdam, the Netherlands, the highest ranked players
in the Dutch GrandPrix will be asked if they wish to be
part of the Dutch team!

David Shaman and Albert Kortendijk are already sure of
their qualification and will be part of the team. Since
Jan de Graaf is organising the World Championship he
will not be part of the Dutch team! The follwing players
still have a (theoratical) chance of qualification:
- Josbert van de Zande
- Mathijs Claassen
- Holger Braun
- Nicky van den Biggelaar
- Ben van der Wagt
- Adam Buczynski

! Please decide whether or not you'll accept the invitation
! to join the Dutch team BEFORE the end of this tournament!
! We still need a 3rd player to complete the team and an
! optional 4th player to make sure the total number of
! participants in the World Othello Championship is even.