Since I personally don't know much about Amsterdam I'm simply repeating
the names of Hotels various players stayed in last year or this year:

General website for finding hotels in Amsterdam:

General website for finding CHEAP hotels in Amsterdam:
in English!

Hotel "De Veenen"
website in English ==>
Donato Barnaba is staying here this year.

City Hostel "Stadsdoelen"
website in Dutch ==>
Roy Arnold is staying here
very cheap

Hotel-Cafe-restaurant "Abina"
website in Dutch ==>
Nicolet and Caspard stayed here last year
they warn you for some music/noise from the bar below.

Grand Hotel Amstelveen
website in Dutch ==>
quite expensive

If anyone has found or booked another hotel, please let me know, then I
will mention it on the website.

If you have booked a hotel, please let me know too, then I will put a
detailed route description on the website thursday evening.