European Grand Prix 2005

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Saturday the 26th and Sunday the 27th of March the Dutch Othello Federation organises her 5th EGP. Everyone that knows the rules of Othello is invited to participate!

The tournament will be held in a mindsports-centre in Bussum (see for a route-description).

All competitors play 11 rounds (7 on saturday, 4 on sunday). On sunday the top 2 players of the tournament play a 3-game-final. The numbers 3 and four 4 play a 3-game-playoff.

The best 4 beginners play 1-game cross-semi-finals, a 3rd/4th place playoff and a final to decide who the best beginner is.

Besides 8 trophies, we also have 8 nice prizes to be won for the top 4 players and for the best 4 beginners!

Lunch (€ 5,00): (spectators can also get lunch)
- 1 home-made soup
- 2 sandwiches with ham or cheese
- a salate on Saturday
- an easter-surprise on Sunday

Entree fee:
€ 20,00 or
€ 10,00 for beginners / students / <18 / unemployed
€ 16,00 and € 8,00 for members
free entree for spectators

Saturday: 9:30, 1st round starts 10:30
Sunday: 9:00. 8th round starts 10:00

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