This year lunch will be as good as last year!
Lunches will be available both saturday and sunday.

Lunch will cost only €5,00 per day, and you'll get:
- a home-made soup
- 2 sandwiches (white or brown? ham or cheese? butter?)
- a salate ('slaatje' in Dutch) on Saturday
- a Easter-surprise on Sunday

We would like EVERYONE to use the provided lunch. Ofcourse you don't have to, but it would make planning a lot easier for both the organisation and our volunteer-caterers.

Please mention with your sign-up if:
- you want to use our lunch saturday
- you want to use our lunch sunday
- you want brown-or-white bread sandwhiches (or 1 brown, 1 white)
- you want cheese or ham on your sandwhiches (or 1 ham, 1 cheese)
- you want butter on your sandwiches

We would like to know your lunch-wishes with your sign-up but latest on the wednesday before the tournament.