Address: Mindsports-centre Bussum
         Nieuwe Englaan 6
         1404 EC in Bussum
In the picture below the red flag at the left end of the blue line (the route from the highway) pinpoints the location of the mindsports-centre. The fat red line is the highway named 'A1'. The 'p+r' sign just to left of the red flag is the train-station named 'Naarden-Bussum':

In the picture below the blue line is the route (by car) from Amsterdam to Bussum. De grey-white lines are railways. You can see a pretty quick route goes from Amsterdam to Bussum! The red line marked with 'a2' and 'e35' is the highway from Belgium to Amsterdam:

For those that have to walk from the trainstation 'Naarden-bussum' I've tried to find the best map I could. I always use the routeplanner for these maps. I've entered the address from the tournament location (1404 ec) and the 'station' named 'bussum', next page you get to choose 'naarden-bussum':

I personally think that ignoring the blue line can provide a better and surely easier route; Walk parallel the train-track on the 'stationsweg'. Then turn onto the 'Nieuwe englaan'. Total should be less than 5 minutes walk.