Address: Cafe 'Chez Dick'
         Ramen 10
         1621 EL in Hoorn
Below is a small picture of the Netherlands. In it are three red dots. The smallest, lower-left red dot is Schiphol airport. The biggest red dot is Amsterdam. Finally the dot most north is Hoorn, about 50km north of Schiphol airport.

In the picture below the red flag at the left end of the blue line (the route from the highway A7) pinpoints the location of Chez-Dick. The fat red line is the highway named 'A7' coming from the soiuth, from Amsterdam. The right exit is numbered '8' and named 'Hoorn'. The 'p+r' sign just to left of the red flag is the train-station. The grey-witte dotted lines are railways. Alongside the highway A7 is also the railway coming straight from Amsterdam and/or Schiphol airport.

Below the same picture but zoomed in a bit more. The exit 'Hoorn 8' is now clear, as is the 'p+r' sign to the lower-left of the red flag:

In this picture the 'p+r' is clearly located a little above the train-station. It's only a small walk from the train-station to cafe 'Chez Dick':

Here the route for walking from the trainstation to cafe "Chez Dick" :