Photo's 7th Dutch EGP in Hoorn, 24th & 25th of march 2007:

Breakfast sunday morning in Corries home


the game

Stephane - Jeroen E.

Pawel - Nicky

Anja and doggy lady

Anja - Marie Christine

Bartosz - Martin

Sido - Roel

Takuji - Remko

Mark - Robin

Patrick - Milosz

Corrie - Marcel


Linda - Pawel

Nicky - Stephane




Mark and Jeroen R.

Frederique - Stephane - Emmanuel

Sido - Jeroen E.

Lunchtime - Bintsa

Lunchtime - Nicky adn Mark

lunchtime the french players

lunchtime - Albert and Linda

Marie Chr. - Bintsa



Pawel - Remko

Roel - Emmanuel

Jeroen E. - Robin

The finals

Beginners final - Bartosz - Marie Christine

Takuji - Nicky

Remko - MIlosz

Mark - Linda

Marie - Bartosz

Takuji - Nicky

Marie - Bartosz

Mark - Linda

Robin - Stephane

Blitz tourney

paring blitz tourney

Milosz - Linda

Stephane - Robin

Stephane - Robin

playing other games

Grzegorz is sleeping before the long drive back to Poland

Mark and Patrick playing Dvonn

Stephane - Robin

waiting for the price ceremony

Jan starts the announcement for the ceremony